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About WarpView

WarpView is a program for viewing and manipulating images, with the following key features:
  • View images of nearly any format (via DataTypes)
  • Very fast loading of JPEG files via internal JPEG decoder
  • Can use the 3D hardware for really smooth zoom, scroll and 2D/3D rotation.
  • Provides Software Draw Mode for systems with no 3D hardware, or too little video memory
  • Slideshow capability with nice wipes in both Warp3D and Software modes
  • Image sorting (Copy, Move, Delete) functions
  • Provides some basic image manipulation functions:
    • Scale/Resize with four types of resampling algorithms
    • Crop with both mouse-driven and numeric input capability
    • Changing image orientation
    • Gaussian Blur and Unsharp Mask filters
  • Undo/Redo possibility
  • Image saving in JPEG or PNG formats with configurable options
  • Supports the Exif 2.2 standard for loading and displaying additional image information (orientation, ISO speed, exposure time, aperture, etc.)
  • Automatically rotates images to correct orientation based on Exif data

WarpView is ShareWare. If you register, you will receive a keyfile, which unlocks the demo limitations, which are:
  • A requester pops up when WarpView is started, reminding the user to register
  • When saving images, a watermark is placed on the image