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WarpView News

WarpView 1.05 Released 21-Jun-2009
WarpView 1.05 is now available which fixes a nasty bug that caused Warp3D mode to draw only a small part in the upper left corner of the image.

WarpView 1.04 Released 13-Jun-2009
WarpView 1.04 is now available with many fixes and improvements:
  • Fixed a bug which prevented greyscale JPEG files from working
  • Fixed some bugs in the software drawing routines which caused a slight error in the rendered size of the image
  • Enhanced Scale/Resize option, added possibility to lock the width/height separately, image can be automatically padded with borders keep the correct aspect ratio, configurable border colour, added size presets
  • Added Gaussian Blur and Unsharp Mask image processing functions with configurable radius, amount and threshold
  • When Esc key is pressed during crop, instead of exiting warpview, only the crop function is exited now
  • No longer recurses into subdirectories if a single file was selected, only if a directory is selected without specifying a file in the requester
  • Fixed image number display which was incorrect in certain cases

WarpView 1.03 Released 18-Jan-2009
WarpView 1.03 is now available and contains some important fixes:
  • Fixed a nasty bug that slipped into 1.02 when opening files from the menu
  • Fixed a potential bug related to the progress bar

WarpView 1.02 Released 17-Jan-2009
WarpView 1.02 is now available and contains a number of improvements/fixes:
  • Fixed recursive directory scanning (did not work with file requesters)
  • Fixed a bug which caused a lockup when pressing Enter on resize window
  • Added progress bar for loading images which pops up after 1 second to indicate that the image is still loading (except during slideshow)
  • Added progress bar for scanning directory with 'Cancel' button to allow the scanning to be stopped in case it takes too long
  • Added filename filtering based on file pattern to speed up directory scanning
  • Fixed append to work when only a directory is entered in file requester with no files selected (now contents of directory will be appended)
  • Fixed crop issues (numerical input with locked aspect didn't keep aspect, selectbox motion was jerkey when mouse reached the sides of the screen)
  • Added display of image number and total number of images to InfoLine
  • Added fallback to Software Mode in case video memory is so low that Warp3D Mode cannot work at all

WarpView 1.01 Released 6-Jan-2009
WarpView 1.01 is now available and contains a number of improvements/fixes:
  • Fixed an initialisation bug in the startup code
  • Added filtering of .info files
  • Added a public name for the opened screen
  • Added display of more Exif tags: Date/Time, Exposure program, Flash, Focal length
  • Added recursive directory scanning
  • Improved keyfile loading (you can have WarpView and keyfile in C: now)
I'm also happy to report that the registration problems with Reg.Net have been resolved.

WarpView 1.0 Released 3-Jan-2009
After more than 6 months of hard work, WarpView 1.0 is finally available!

Changes in this version (v1.0):
  • Complete rework and restructure of the program to allow key new features
  • Implemented Software Draw Mode as an alternative to Warp3D mode for those with low video memory. Software Mode is now default, because it allows for faster image loading with high resolution images (no need to transfer whole image to video memory via PCI/AGP bus).
  • Draw Mode (Software/Warp3D) can be toggled either via ToolType/Command line options, or in the Settings menu.
  • Now using internal libjpeg for faster loading of JPEG images
  • Added support for saving images in JPEG and PNG formats
  • Added Scale/Resize option with super-fast Nearest/Bilinear/Bicubic resample and an extremely good quality, highly optimized Lanczos algorithm.
  • Added Crop option with both graphical (mouse-driven) and numeric input possibilities, aspect ratio presets, aspect lock and auto-scroll capability
  • Added Undo/Redo functionality
  • Added automatic zoom to fit to screen when rotating
  • Added an Exif 2.2 compliant Exif parser to read Exif data, with support for reading Canon-specific Marker Notes
  • Some Exif data is displayed on the InfoLine when available
  • Added Image Information window to show additional Exif Data
  • Alphabetical sorting improved to ignore upper/lower case
  • Many small changes, bugfixes, improvements and optimisations
  • A nice PDF Manual
  • WarpView is now released as ShareWare
Registration information on the Reg.Net page is a bit confusing, so just to clarify (until the Reg.Net team correct it): After registering WarpView 1.0, a personal keyfile will be sent by the author via E-Mail, which unlocks the demo limitations.

WarpView Website goes online 30-Dec-2008
WarpView Website finally goes online!

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