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WarpView Screenshots

Here you can find several screenshots showing some of the features of WarpView. The thumbnails of the images on this page were created with WarpView itself, using the best quality Lanczos resampling algorithm.

WarpView Preview WarpView is showing Exif information of a JPEG image.

WarpView Preview Screebshot with WarpView displaying an image in 3D, and showing the different wipe options available.

WarpView Preview Showing off auto-rotation using Exif info. The image is directly downloaded from a digital camera, you can see WarpView displaying it at the correct angle. The angle is also shown in the InfoLine on the top.

WarpView Preview Screenshot showing the resize feature of WarpView with four different resampling algorithms and preserve aspect ratio option.

WarpView Preview Screenshot showing WarpView's crop function in action. The 3:2 aspect ratio preset is used to crop a frame suitable for a 15x10cm print.